A Letter to Santa, from the Ragamuffin Team

Dear Santa,

We know you’re used to hearing from kids and not the entire (adult) Ragamuffin team, but we figured we’d give you some last-minute Christamas gift pointers. If you’re feeling stuck with a few entries on the Nice List, here’s what we suggest:

For the little fashionista
Hope you don’t mind, but we already put together a whole outfit for you! Every little dancer loves a tutu dress, and this set will shine with a birthstone bracelet and chunky pearl necklace! The only trouble will be trying to get that kid to wear something else eventually.

For the musical prodigy
It’s never too early to start singing; babies even respond to music while in the womb! We’re sure you already know that, Santa, but did you know there’s a range of instruments made just for kids? A ukulele, microphone, or chicken drum-set are great ways to start rocking out.

For the soon-to-be older sibling
Becoming a big sibling is a life-changing experience! For some kids, the new role comes naturally. Others need patience, love, and reassurance. While you wait for the (new) little one to arrive, prepare the big kid with a doll to practice taking care of.

For the baby that’s already a firecracker
Of course all infants make the Nice List automatically, but let’s face it: sometimes they’re a little naughty! If you know a baby that loves to make a mess, an extra set of Kickee footies is just what they need.

We know you already have plenty of great elf-minds at the North Pole, so thanks for indulging us, Santa. And if you’re low on time at the workshop, we’ve got you covered with the classics too: trucks, blocks, stuffed animals, and more!

Merry Christmas!
– The Ragamuffin Team

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