April Parenting Horoscopes

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There’s a lot of great information out there on the internet – this blog included! But this month, we’re throwing it back to the oldest source of knowledge: books! Here’s what your kid should be reading (or perhaps more accurately, what you should be reading to your kid), according to the stars. 

Aries: All Aries love to shine in the spotlight, so yours is sure to relate to sweet, talented Elly the elephant in Elly Ballerina, a book all about working hard to be a shining star!

Taurus: Taurus kids have big feelings, and sometimes it’s hard to express them all. The Paint Me a Picture book from Kane Miller literally illustrates how to navigate the messy world of emotions through gorgeous and colorful artwork. 

Gemini: Your Gemini is a hoot and a holler, but let’s be honest: they could work on their joke-telling skills. Help inspire their comedy career with the A-Z Farm Joke Book from Usborne – sure to keep them entertained for hours.

Cancer: You know your Cancer child can achieve anything they want, but sometimes you see them getting bogged down by reality. Inspire them to shoot for the moon with I Wish Wish Wish For You from Source Books.

Leo: Your little Leo loves to stare at themselves – but don’t fret! Mirroring helps develop a strong sense of self, and is an important part of childhood development. Help them along their journey of self-discovery with the fun, interactive Farm Animals Mirror Book

Virgo: Your Virgo is constantly asking the big questions. Sometimes you’ve got the answers, other times you’re stumped! The Shine a Light series from Kane Miller is here to help. With books on everything from the human body to the ocean to the inner-workings of construction sights, the secrets of the universe lie within! 

Libra: Libras are little love bugs, and it sure is easy to love them! You Are My Happy from Source Books will underscore what you already tell them every day: that you’re always there for them, enchanted by them, and ultimately there to cheer them on towards whatever path they choose in life! 

Scorpio: Sometimes, your little Scorpio can be so serious. Why not lighten the mood with some astonishingly cute teacup pigs? In Pocket Piggies Numbers from Workman Publishing, adorable piglets help your little one learn to count to 10. 

Sagittarius: Sagittariuses have a natural sense of adventure, and the kids are no exception. It may be time to safely introduce them to the wonders of the wild and plan a camping trip! Help prepare them with The Happy Camper Book from Milkbarn. 

Capricorn: As you’ve probably already noticed, your child has an insatiable curiosity and loves to learn! Right now, their brain is extremely capable of absorbing new information, making it the perfect time to develop a second language. Demdaco’s Around the World series is a great way to start introducing your child to new languages

Aquarius: Celebrate your child’s unique spirit with Maybe from Compendium. The book explores the incredible and unlikely possibility of existing in the first place – answering some of the big questions, and asking even bigger ones. 

Pisces: Your kid is a dreamer, with an impressive imagination and a sense of wonder beyond their years. It’s a wonderful thing, but sometimes it’s hard to have so much wisdom as a child! Help direct their talents with the fantastic What Do You Do With An Idea book from Compendium.

More on Ragamuffin’s Parenting Horoscopes:

The last two decades have seen an unprecedented rise in conscious parenting. New approaches like Montessori, gentle parenting, and slow parenting have arisen as alternative options to the authoritarian style of yore. Additionally, the Internet has made it easier to share resources and learn from those who have “gone through it” before us. Of course, raising a child isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Most parents will tell you that their own approach includes a little of this, a little of that, and above all else adjustments for their particular kid’s needs. Enter: astrology. 

While plenty of articles explain your own parenting style according to the zodiac, there’s currently very little on how to adapt that to your child’s individual needs. Starting in January 2023, Ragamuffin is offering monthly Parenting Horoscopes. By cross-referencing resources like Astrology Zone’s Susan Miller, the Astro Poets, and NASA’s Solar System Tracker, we’ll suggest planet-informed parenting tips adapted to each sign of the zodiac. 

Remember, these signs are written with your child’s sign in mind. That said, feel free to read the entry for your own astrological sign and report the findings back to grandma. Whether you truly believe the stars have a say in our fate, or you’re just reading for fun, we hope you’ll get some good insights on how to raise individual humans of every disposition.

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