August Parenting Horoscopes

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Aries: The stars are aligning to light up your kid’s fame sector in the coming months. Is it time to test out their star power? Lights, camera, check in with them first!

Taurus: It’s your Taurus’ Emerald Year, meaning that the lucky Jupiter is working in their favor! It’s gonna be a good one, just make sure your kid’s got all the tools they need to succeed.

Gemini: Sociable air signs are most active in the late summer, so just make sure your kid is taking care of themselves during their busy schedule!

Cancer: Your moon child is a classic overthinker. Let them know they can rest easy – the world isn’t all that complicated! 

Leo: Venus is resting in Leo for a spell, meaning that your kid will be extra indulgent in all things fun and glamorous. Life is short – play along!

Virgo: Your little Virgo has been feeling homesick even after short excursions. Give them some reassurance, and a reminder of you that they can always carry with them.

Libra: Your balanced baby has recently lost something, and they’ve been thrown slightly off-kilter. Big or small, the thing they’re missing is felt deeply. Though you can’t replace it, listen, and understand. 

Scorpio: Music makes the world go round, and that’s certainly the case for your kid’s emotional landscape. For Scorpios, things are always intensely felt. A tune helps them feel connected. 

Sagittarius: All over the world, centaurians have gotten a celestial beam of wisdom. Though it may take some time for the effects to be clear, be prepared: some big questions are coming.

Capricorn: Overstimulation comes with the territory for this busy worker sign. It may be time to unplug, and return to the basics

Aquarius: You’ll be pleased to hear the positive reports from school in the coming year – your little waterbearer is going to get top marks in all subjects as well as thrive in the social world! Big kid pants, here we come!

Pisces: For some reason, your water child has been dwelling on the past recently. Though nostalgia is a strange quality for a young kid, indulge them. Stories are how they understand the world. 

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The last two decades have seen an unprecedented rise in conscious parenting. New approaches like Montessori, gentle parenting, and slow parenting have arisen as alternative options to the authoritarian style of yore. Additionally, the Internet has made it easier to share resources and learn from those who have “gone through it” before us. Of course, raising a child isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Most parents will tell you that their own approach includes a little of this, a little of that, and above all else adjustments for their particular kid’s needs. Enter: astrology. 

While plenty of articles explain your own parenting style according to the zodiac, there’s currently very little on how to adapt that to your child’s individual needs. Starting in January 2023, Ragamuffin is offering monthly Parenting Horoscopes. By cross-referencing resources like Astrology Zone’s Susan Miller, the Astro Poets, and NASA’s Solar System Tracker, we’ll suggest planet-informed parenting tips adapted to each sign of the zodiac. 

Remember, these signs are written with your child’s sign in mind. That said, feel free to read the entry for your own astrological sign and report the findings back to grandma. Whether you truly believe the stars have a say in our fate, or you’re just reading for fun, we hope you’ll get some good insights on how to raise individual humans of every disposition. 

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