Featured Collection: Kickee Pants

At Ragamuffin we believe not only in our customers, but also in our brands. We are a family here, and trusting in products that reflect our identity and philosophy as a business is as important as offering them to you. Those brands that are built on a sense of community are our first choice. Because of all this, we are proud to feature and introduce in more detail one of our most popular brands: Kickee Pants.

History of the Kickee Pants Brand

Kickee Pants is a clothing company founded by Aerin Nicole with the vision of maintaining that feeling of protection that becoming a parent brings. The main idea for its founder was to incorporate the innocent and playful nature of children into her designs, while honoring them by choosing their comfort, safety and interests first. That concept of bringing families together to share ideals is at the core of the Kickee Pants mission.

Kickee Pants Mission

The brand’s apparel celebrates the most important and infectious quality of children—their inocence—while creating designs that engage that aspect through clothing design, originality and comfort. Named after the nickname for the owner’s son, Kickee Pants clothing gives us a reminder to appreciate the small moments we share together with our kids.

Kickee Pants collections satisfy the fashion aspect of pleasing parents and relatives, but we always aim to keep our focus on our real customers: babies and children who wear our clothes. Comfortable and easy-to-wear rompers and jumpers, flexible pants and dresses, funny tops and bottons, or gifting accessories are inspired by a team of people sharing the love with family as we do in Ragamuffin as well.

Kickee Pants’ dedication is creating a line that appeals to our little ones’ need to play and dream.

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