July Parenting Horoscopes

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Aries: Ever heard of Chiron? It’s a minor planet discovered in 1977, and it’s currently in your kid’s sign. Chiron serves as the bridge between disciplinary Saturn and rebellious Uranus. As such, expect a few tantrums. Treat them with patience, and know they will pass. 

Taurus: Jupiter has officially entered Taurus, bringing your kid a year of good luck and clear direction. This only happens once every 12 years, so pay close attention to what they gravitate towards. This year’s activities just might set the course of their life!

Gemini: Lately, your Gemini child has been riding the summer wave of a single idea: you know that topic they keep bringing up over and over? However crazy it sounds, indulge them for a moment and take them to the library or on a field trip to learn more about their special interest.

Cancer: It’s birthday season for your moon-child! They’ve been so sweet, kind, and clever all year long, so reward them with plenty of love and presents. As far as they’re concerned, the best gifts are those you can wrap yourself up in.

Leo: Your child of summer is gearing up for their birthday season, and with both Mercury and Venus in their chart it’s bound to be a wild one. Get them a sweet summer set to get rowdy in!

Virgo: Mercury enters your child’s sign at the tail-end of July, bringing them a last-minute burst of energy. As you make plans for their back-to-school activities, circle back around this time. Their perspective may have changed.

Libra: Astrologically speaking, Libras are coasting on cool-mode until the very end of August. Set your kid up with some fun books and plenty of snacks – you won’t have to do much for a while but let ‘em relax. 

Scorpio: When left unsupervised, your tiny Scorpio can get up to a world of trouble on their own. But also, they greatly value their independence. How do you reconcile the two? It’s time to invest in the playroom: a decked-out, beanbag wonderland where your kid can play alone, safely.

Sagittarius: As summer turns the corner, you centaur cutie has their eyes on what’s coming next. This school year’s going to be a big one for them, so make sure they end the summer in a calm and stress-free way.

Capricorn: Your little workhorse doesn’t seem to ever take time off, even in the heat of summer. To them, creating is relaxing. Make sure they’re set up with a designated space just for their hobby, and they’ll keep themselves plenty occupied!

Aquarius: Your curious Aquarius is finally starting to put a few things together. You’ve noticed them noticing big things about the world – patterns, trends, injustices. Keep that spark alive by initiating some deep conversations.

Pisces: A cuddly kid to begin with, your Pisces is a bit clingier than usual lately. It’s because they’re slightly lacking in direction. Make some subtle energetic shifts to encourage their independence, like walking slower so they can run ahead of you. 

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The last two decades have seen an unprecedented rise in conscious parenting. New approaches like Montessori, gentle parenting, and slow parenting have arisen as alternative options to the authoritarian style of yore. Additionally, the Internet has made it easier to share resources and learn from those who have “gone through it” before us. Of course, raising a child isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Most parents will tell you that their own approach includes a little of this, a little of that, and above all else adjustments for their particular kid’s needs. Enter: astrology. 

While plenty of articles explain your own parenting style according to the zodiac, there’s currently very little on how to adapt that to your child’s individual needs. Starting in January 2023, Ragamuffin is offering monthly Parenting Horoscopes. By cross-referencing resources like Astrology Zone’s Susan Miller, the Astro Poets, and NASA’s Solar System Tracker, we’ll suggest planet-informed parenting tips adapted to each sign of the zodiac. 

Remember, these signs are written with your child’s sign in mind. That said, feel free to read the entry for your own astrological sign and report the findings back to grandma. Whether you truly believe the stars have a say in our fate, or you’re just reading for fun, we hope you’ll get some good insights on how to raise individual humans of every disposition. 

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