November Parenting Horoscopes

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Aries: The year is winding down, and as always your ram-child is a step ahead of everyone else, and you’re finding New Year’s Resolutions scattered throughout the house. Your kid is great at dreaming, less-so at organizing. Help them with the latter, and there’s no limit to what they can accomplish!

Taurus: Jovial Taurus kids always feel the holiday spirit a little extra, often chumming up with Santa like they’re buddies. Word to the wise: this isn’t the year to tell them what’s real and what isn’t. Let them live in the fantasy world for a bit longer!

Gemini: Your kid is quick and adaptable, which is an enormous strength but can sometimes leave them stranded in a sea of other people’s personalities. Winter is a great time to check back in with oneself. Encourage this with a variety of activities!

Cancer: Caring, sweet, and friendly, it’s no doubt your moonchild is making the nice list. But be on the lookout – holiday stress might cause them to get a little stressed and snappy. Make sure they have plenty of space this year!

Leo: Let’s hear it for the shyer Leos! Though they have a reputation for being super outgoing, quiet Leos are bold in their own way: confident, strong, and always with great hair. Make sure your kid knows they’re worthy, even without the drive for the spotlight. 

Virgo: Your Virgo has been spending a little too much time on the computer. Sure, they’re using educational programs only, but the screen time could stand to go down. Encourage them to play screen-free for at least an hour before “earning” computer time.

Libra: Your little Libra has simply not slowed down since June. Hosting some parties, being the life of others, and excelling at school as well! Ironically, they feel most calm when they’re busy. It’s up to you to show them there are ways to relax while still keeping the mind engaged.

Scorpio: Feel like you’re living with a conspirator? That’s a common sensation for parents of Scorpios, and you know what, you’re not wrong. Still, have faith that your kid has the best intentions. They may even be planning a super-special holiday surprise for you! Give them space – innocent until proven guilty.

Sagittarius: Your noble kiddo has been a little high and mighty around the house lately. Let them have their victory parade – as long as those glowing report cards keep rolling in!

Capricorn: Winter helps your little Capricorn feel right at home, thriving in unexpected, soulful, and artistic ways. This season, you’ll have a window into their truest, most tender self. Remember this time. 

Aquarius: Good news is coming for your little water bearer, most likely around a hobby or after-school activity they’ve gotten involved with recently. Stars say this might be a passion they carry for the rest of their life, so definitely encourage them down this path they’re on!

Pisces: Word at school is that your little Pisces may have a bit of an oversharing problem. Sure, they’re funny as heck and their entertaining stories delight the class, but you might want to check in quickly about boundaries. Some stories aren’t fit for the lunch table!

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The last two decades have seen an unprecedented rise in conscious parenting. New approaches like Montessori, gentle parenting, and slow parenting have arisen as alternative options to the authoritarian style of yore. Additionally, the Internet has made it easier to share resources and learn from those who have “gone through it” before us. Of course, raising a child isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Most parents will tell you that their own approach includes a little of this, a little of that, and above all else adjustments for their particular kid’s needs. Enter: astrology. 

While plenty of articles explain your own parenting style according to the zodiac, there’s currently very little on how to adapt that to your child’s individual needs. Starting in January 2023, Ragamuffin is offering monthly Parenting Horoscopes. By cross-referencing resources like Astrology Zone’s Susan Miller, the Astro Poets, and NASA’s Solar System Tracker, we’ll suggest planet-informed parenting tips adapted to each sign of the zodiac. 

Remember, these signs are written with your child’s sign in mind. That said, feel free to read the entry for your own astrological sign and report the findings back to grandma. Whether you truly believe the stars have a say in our fate, or you’re just reading for fun, we hope you’ll get some good insights on how to raise individual humans of every disposition.

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