September Parenting Horoscopes

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Aries: Your ram-child hasn’t been their naturally spunky self lately. Don’t worry – this is just part of their natural rhythm. Even the most fiery personalities need time to tend to their embers! Help them out by fostering a warm, welcoming, safe environment.

Taurus: This is perhaps one of the most important school years in your child’s lifetime. Jupiter, the planet of fame and fortune, is in Taurus this year and goes direct in January. Spend this semester working closely with them to make sure they have a solid foundation for what’s to come.

Gemini: Your Gemini seems to be dogged by an almost mystical level of trouble lately. Before you become frustrated, consider that they may be telling the truth. None of it is their fault! They’ve happened into a bit of bad luck, and need your patience as they wade through it. 

Cancer: You’ve noticed your moon-child thriving lately, particularly in creative realms like art and English class. After a few months of dormancy, their imagination is coming back in full force. Encourage them in any way you can!

Leo: The school year beginning has been tough for young Leos everywhere, particularly the getting-up-in-the-morning part. Venus, the planet of love and lounging, is in their sign, so it makes sense that dreamland is calling. Try to coax them into starting their day with a lavish breakfast spread, including their favorite decadent flavor of juice!

Virgo: Birthday season has treated your Virgo well, and they’re feeling pleased that their lifelong efforts have been celebrated and acknowledged. Now that you’ve seen what helps them thrive, continue to cheer them on! With a Virgo, it’s always a good idea to go heavy on the praise.

Libra: Being back in the thick of the social world has your Libra acting bolder, braver, and of course, more chatty around the house! This is them thriving, but do keep an eye out. At a young age, Libras can be very susceptible to peer pressure, and they’ll need your guidance when navigating new situations.

Scorpio: While known for being loyal, brooding, and slightly mysterious, Scorpios are also notoriously thrifty. Even Scorpio children have been known to deprive themselves of the bare necessities – perhaps a troubling past life come back to haunt them? Whatever the case, make sure they’re enjoying this life to the fullest, with good grooming and healthy eating habits to boot.

Sagittarius: Autumn is the season your little centaur loves most, with birthdays abounding and the weather in peak explorer-mode. They laid low this summer, so expect a quick shift in energy as the leaves begin to fall, and be sure they have everything they need on hand. 

Capricorn: Routine is doing your Capricorn wonders, and you’re seeing them find great success at school and in athletics. Continue to encourage them, but also pay close attention to the areas where they’re not exactly top-of-the-field. It may be these very arenas that they hold dearest to their hearts.

Aquarius: This school year, your Aquarius is going to find a best friend like they’ve never had before. These two will be peas in a pod, so you’d better reach out to the friend’s parents as soon as possible. There’s plenty of time to be saved if you share the load on carpooling and weekend excursions, and there may be a friend for you in the deal as well.

Pisces: Over the summer, your Pisces caught the travel bug. When exploring new lands, they feel they can sink into a truer, more intuitive version of themselves. Though you can’t get around as much during the school year, consider planning a few day trips. Especially when they’re feeling down, getting out of their routine is exactly what a Pisces needs to feel themselves again. 

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The last two decades have seen an unprecedented rise in conscious parenting. New approaches like Montessori, gentle parenting, and slow parenting have arisen as alternative options to the authoritarian style of yore. Additionally, the Internet has made it easier to share resources and learn from those who have “gone through it” before us. Of course, raising a child isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Most parents will tell you that their own approach includes a little of this, a little of that, and above all else adjustments for their particular kid’s needs. Enter: astrology. 

While plenty of articles explain your own parenting style according to the zodiac, there’s currently very little on how to adapt that to your child’s individual needs. Starting in January 2023, Ragamuffin is offering monthly Parenting Horoscopes. By cross-referencing resources like Astrology Zone’s Susan Miller, the Astro Poets, and NASA’s Solar System Tracker, we’ll suggest planet-informed parenting tips adapted to each sign of the zodiac. 

Remember, these signs are written with your child’s sign in mind. That said, feel free to read the entry for your own astrological sign and report the findings back to grandma. Whether you truly believe the stars have a say in our fate, or you’re just reading for fun, we hope you’ll get some good insights on how to raise individual humans of every disposition. 

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