Top 5 Fashion Aesthetics For Kids!

The social media age has seen fashion aesthetics cycle through at rapid speed – inspired by movies, inspired by lifestyles, inspired by… wealthy grandmas? While it’s probably tough to keep up as a professional fashionista, these various “cores” can be super fun, especially when incorporating them into your kids’ wardrobes! 

If you’re playing around with changing it up, check out these five aesthetics that gripped us through 2023 and see if any of them fit the vibe of your kiddo. We’ve even included a mini Ragamuffin shopping list – in case you want to support a small business!
Cottagecore – This trend entered the chat around 2020 and it hasn’t left, probably because the idea of leaving behind some elements of the modern world and living in a faraway cottage with wildflower gardens, butterflies, lambs, long ferns, fireside evenings… well, you see how easy it is to get carried away! If you can’t move upstate, at least dress the part.

Barbiecore – This one took summer by storm, spurred on by Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie. It’s all about pink, obviously, but also with a preference for super put-together matching sets, like the ones you’d find in the toy aisle!

Mermaidcore – Another trend inspired by this summer’s big movies! Mermaidcore is perhaps the easiest aesthetic for kids to achieve, because it’s all about lush colors and gorgeous, glittering accessories, the kind of thing that might be found in a costume box!

Futurecore – Self explanatory: we’re in the future! Modern fabrics and metallic styles meet technodreams of a new age.

Whimsigothic – the only non “core” of the list, because we’re proud to confess we’re a bit ahead of trend on this one. Here we have an evolution of indie sleaze. Think Tumblr with a Tim Burton upgrade. 

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