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Dancing Bears LS Kangaroo Romper


The big attraction everywhere will be this happy group of dancing bears! Settle in for a hibernating snuggle session with these ultra-fuzzy bears that really know how to cut a rug. This sleuth of bears is using a forest clearing as their dance floor — now you’ll know where your energetic cub learned to twist and shout so well.

For a boys long-legged romper, this romper is the best value in our collection. With a simple lap sleeve, it has snaps along the inseam.

LIGHTWEIGHT INTERLOCK—a knitting technique that sandwiches 2 layers of jersey and results in a smooth surface on both sides, inside and out.

100% Pima Cotton—with the longest cotton staple in the world, Pima cotton is luxuriously soft, washes great, never pills, hardly fades, and lasts practically forever.


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