JC Big Scoop Dump Truct w/ Sand Toys


Product Description

This isn't your typical sand-play fun - This is a MOUNTAIN MOVING adventure!

Rolling tough on four huge, deep-tread wheels, this beast easily powers its way through whatever massive sand-dunes might stand in its way.

Then, once you've pulled up to the worksite, unload the three powerful sand tools and immediately young builders jump right into hours of sand-play action.

Scoop up big loads of earth with the large, sifting shovel. Push huge dunes out of the way with the powerful rake and then use the large roller to smooth out the perfect roadway.

Finally, it's time to load the massive truck bed with all the sandy debris and head out to the dumpsite.

Just tilt the giant truck bed back and - WHOOSH! - All the sand comes rushing out!

Whether you're at the beach or in a sandbox, the 15-inch Big Scoop Dump Truck is just the tool you need for the toughest, mountain-moving imaginative play jobs.

15 inch Big Scoop Dump Truck with Sand Tools
  • Extra large and powerful John-Deere themed dump truck accompanied by fun sand tools
  • Encourages visual-spatial skills, imaginative play, outdoor play
  • Turn a day at the beach into the ultimate MOUNTAIN MOVING adventure!
  • Rolls tough on four huge, deep-tread wheels - Features extra-large truck bed that tilts back to dump debris
  • Scoop features sifting function, roller features tire-tread texture, rake features 3 large claws
  • Includes dump truck, scoop, rake, roller
  • High-quality design and materials for lasting durability, exceptional safety
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