Kids Toothbrush


Designed for Little Grown-Ups! 

​KIDS HAMICO encourages children 2 years old and up to regularly brush their teeth on their own helping to prevent early cavities. Kids will stay motivated to brush their teeth with their choice of unique and entertaining designs! From its easy-to-grip handle to the compact head and slim neck, our toothbrush is ergonomically designed by a dentist, just for your little grown-ups. 

Designs Kids Will Say "YES!"

We want to make the tooth brushing experience as pleasurable as possible for the entire family. Our team of talented designers have come up with kids-friendly designs they will love to brush with everyday! Parents no longer need to force their kids to brush before bed, because they're simply excited to do so. Our special printing technique is safe and does not peel off with water. 

Gentle Brushing for New Grown-Up Teeth

As kids begin to lose their baby teeth and all throughout the development of their adult teeth, their teeth and gums remain extremely sensitive and delicate. Brushing with coarse bristles may scratch the surface of their newly grown teeth. That's why we have developed soft, round-tip bristles just for kids that effectively brush their teeth and remove plaque without scratching their soft gums and tooth enamel.

We keep it easy (For parents, too)

Brushing is an everyday activity so we want to keep it as simple and easy as possible. Kids don't want to be forced to brush, and we know you're tired of asking them too! Our signature teardrop handle is dentist-designed, especially for small hands to grip and gain control, training them to enjoy brushing on their own. The bottom of the toothbrush is wider than the neck, to ensure comfort while holding.  With KIDS HAMICO, children develop healthy hygiene habits to last throughout their adulthood. 


Handle: Saturated polyester resin
Bristle:  Nylon


​Made in JAPAN


  • ​Do not chew. Children under 4 need adult supervision while brushing.
  • Replace toothbrush every month for effective and sanitary brushing.

FDA Approved​
​Safe to Use For Ages : 2 - 8 Years 
​Withstands water temperature up to 176 °F

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