Mini Dumbbell


Love of Mom Series. Easy to Clean. Safe. Worry-Free! BPA Free, PVC Free, and Phthalate Free. Easy-to-grip! Roll it and have fun! Soft ringing sound when shaken! Okay in water. The majority of the toy is made of soft material that makes the toy pain-free even if the baby accidentally hits her/his face with it. For babies 3 Months +. No paint and no screws. Safe for the baby to chew. No paint particles would come off and no screws are there to cause accidental swallowing. Fun squishy texture at the purple end.

Material: TPE/PE/PP/ABS

Cleaning: Wash in cool water with mild soap and rinse thoroughly. 

WARNING: DO NOT BOIL. DO NOT MICROWAVE. NO DISHWASHER. Inspect teether regularly and discard if any separation and breakage occur to avoid choking. 

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