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Rainbow Snow

  • Let It Snow: Now you can play with snow even when the weather’s sizzling hot outside; Just add water to your snow powder and watch it erupt in seconds, you’ll be amazed at the real looking snow that’s even cold to the touch
  • Big Experiments for Little Scientists: follow along the step-by-step instructions to experiment with your faux snow; You'll get to create colorful snow that could be used in different ways for ultimate fun; There are 7 experiments included that will keep you endlessly entertained
  • An Educational and Exciting Gift: This craft includes an instruction sheet that explains the science behind the faux snow and the experiments; Give an educational gift that will make both parents and kids happy
  • Add a Sprinkle of Magic to Your Party:  Winter themed parties just got a little more exciting. Use your creativity and imagination to decorate your event with the faux snow; Your friends won’t believe it's not real snow

Unique Snowflakes Just Got More Special

The Rainbow Snow kit is the original snow polymer that expands before your eyes. No stirring required. Add water and watch as the color absorbs, and the snow grows in seconds. There’s no need to wait for winter to enjoy slushy, messy snow. Now you can play with artificial snow all year round, it’s even cold to the touch! The 7 experiments included will let kids turn their snow different colors and give them a real hands-on feel for science. They'll even get to create artistic masterpieces using their colored snow. Unleash their creative potential!

Educational, Entertaining and Enlightening

Give kids the gift of knowledge and let them explore this unique and educational craft. They’ll read all about polymers in our instruction manual. The super snow is a compact superabsorbent polymer that quickly ‘drinks’ up lots of water and expands to 100 times its original size. Kids of all ages will love playing with this sensory craft that’s great for fine motor development and will help them recognize and mix their colors.

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