Sushi Scramble

  • CRAZY SUSHI RESTAURANT - Sushi Scramble's chef isn't very keen on giving his sushi away! This fun restaurant is ran under the first come first serve rule!
  • GRAB THE SUSHI! In this fun children's game, players use chopsticks to grab pieces of sushi that match the menu card before the chef knocks them off the belt. Get them all before the chef gives you the CHOP!
  • BECOME SUSHI SENPAI - The first player to match the most sushi to their menu card wins. Quickly grab as many as you can and show your opponents your sushi mastery!
  • EDUCATIONAL GAME - This high pace action game is an excellent resource for your kids to develop fine motor skills, as well as improving their hand-eye coordination and finger accuracy
  • SUITABILITY - This entertaining preschool game has been designed to play from 2 to 4 players aged 5+. Loads of fun guaranteed for children, as well as adults!

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