Our Team Favs this Season

Since our time as kids, clothing has been a part of our personality, and our parents’ outfits choices are a part of it too. We care about our little ones’ inspirations, and our desire is to welcome them into that feeling. 

If there is something we appreciate in the Ragamuffin family, it is the  originality of our brands and the quality of  their products. Because of that, we want to share with you our team members favorite items and brands for this season. Here are our reasons on why you should check them to understand this part of our boutique’s  philosophy. 

During the cold months of fall and winter, sweaters are a classic choice, not only for adults, but also for our babies. In order to protect them from those lower temperatures, we dress them out with the warmest items until they are sometimes totally wrapped up! The Blueberry Hill sweaters are not only timeless, but also comfortable to stay warm. Veronica’s choice is made on what she defines as “classic timeless sweaters”. The brand was founded by Jenn Davis in her living room. Here she involved her own kids in the creative process. She knew littles aren’t tiny for long, so the best way to value them was to honor the warmth of homemade items. 

Our babies’ personalities show up little by little, and suddenly we understand how ruffled they might become! We asked another employee, Veronica, to elaborate on her selection: Rufflebutts. She likes them for all their little ruffle hints of cuteness. The Rufflebutts items encapsulate our kids’ growth, and the way they evolve into beautiful little people. The brand started with our definitively favorite item, and a basic in babies’ lives, the RuffleButt diaper cover. 

One of the main parts of our kids' time is sleeping and playing. In Ragamuffin we understand how important this is for both, little and adults, and how powerful is this part of our everyday life with them. Veronica likes Magnetic Me because they reflect this in their brand with adorable prints and genius design. Sleeping time is magnetic! And their items make dreams possible. 

Sleeping soft is actually something our brand Emerson and Friends knows very well. Mykayla's favorite is their Mustard Floral Collection. Their products are not only classy and enjoyable, but also very convenient for our little’s sensitive skin. Made from buttery soft bamboo fabric, their premium pajamas, dresses, newborn gowns, and headbands are stretchy, snug, and comfortable. Emerson and Friends patterns are designed to have fun when combining them!

Our Angel Dear Heirloom Chicken Collection is another of Mykayla’s selections. Their sleepwear features funny designs and delicate material, resulting in the perfect treat for our babies’ comfortable sleep. Angel Dear pays strong attention to their designs, and their collections are full of innovation and definitive imagination. Mykayla also likes Handstand Kitchen Baking Sets for the same reason. This toy line is super cheerful, full of details and perfect for interacting and leaving childrens’ imaginations flowing. 

Comfort is a main aspect of our little ones' clothing selection. Rompers and overalls are  some of Ashley’s favorites. For instance, Petit Lem Firsts Gooseberries top with knit overalls, and snug knit romper navy are her top options because of their usability and convenience in daily use. Also, she loves toys for babies too, so her choice is on the fun and soft  Sweetcorn by Jellycat.

The kings and queens of the house need many basic clothing to face their first experiences. Life is still very long for them, and we want to provide them with all the necessary items to face it. Our team member Kathy's favorites are the Babyface Spot t-shirt set,  Deux par Deux  jersey top with pocket, and our girly crossover back knit set by t2love. These clothes are great items for kids to use every day. Daycare or school might be so challenging that you want your babies to be ready with each outfit. These brands are experts on high quality and resistant material in their clothes, so kids can really  wear them over time. 

In babies’ lives accessories are  so vital and important! Bethany's selection includes  our brand Milkbarn, remarking “I love that this brand has footies with matching bibs and blankets. They make a perfect gift! (And their cotton is organic)”. She also likes sleep sacks for babies to sleep since blankets are not the best sometimes.

Another of her favorite accessories is our Gathre mats, the perfect item to help keep things clean while on the go (or at home), and our brand Play Up because  they keep their combo of prints and colors in line with the current fashion.

Babies and kids’ imagination is one of the most precious things. Bethany' Plus Plus  toy is one of her favorites because they are  like legos, but easier for kids of all ages to connect. It's great for imagination.

Play time is as important as sleep time, and it does make a difference in our cuties’ development. Our babies definitely deserve it all,  and we know that in Ragamuffin. 


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